Why Good Web Design Matters


You wouldn’t believe how many internet marketers and web designers seem to think that web design doesn’t matter. You wouldn’t believe just how many relegate this crucial concept to an afterthought. And you wouldn’t believe how damaging it is to their business… Here’s the simple fact of the matter: unless your web design can honestly compete with the very top creators in your niche, then you might as well quit right now. Web design is what makes the first impression on your visitors, it’s what facilitates a comfortable experience and it means everything when it comes to the reputation and the perception of your brand. In this post, we’ll look at why web design really matters and how every single element actually plays an important role…


Let’s start broad and then hone in. The layout of your website refers to the way that all the individual elements are organized. That means the positions of your menus, your logo, your ‘buy now’ buttons and your content. Layout is critical for any website because it is what dictates the way your content flows. The human eye is naturally inclined to move from the top left to the bottom right but at the same time, it will also naturally gravitate toward specific elements on the screen. For instance, we tend to notice the biggest items first. Likewise, we tend to assume that smaller elements that get bigger should be followed in sequence. Bright contrasting colours or movement also draw attention. This is why there is a rhyme and reason to the way that a designer should lay out their pages. If you want to maximize optimizations, then you need to make sure that the visitor looks at the most crucial information first and isn’t distracted by ads or links to other pages. You then need to ensure that the buy now button is bright and high-contrast, but positioned in the critical ‘terminal point’ – the last spot on the page that the visitor will look.


Having the right images on your page can make a massive difference too. Big, crisp, HD images that reflect the content of the site will help to underscore the points you make in your copy, while at the same time giving the site a much more professional look and feel. If your site is covered in low resolution stock images that crop up all around the web, then you are cheapening your web design and your visitors will lose faith that you have the means to produce a great product or to offer a great service. Conversely, the right images will be perfect for grabbing attention when a visitor lands on your page and they will be instrumental in ensuring that links shared on social media get clicked.


What buttons are you using in your web design? What’s that, you haven’t thought about it? Buttons are crucial because they represent actions that you want your visitors to take. Therefore, they need to be easy to interact with and they need to be enticing for the visitors. The first and most important requirement for your buttons is that they be mobile friendly. Your buttons need to be clickable with a finger and mustn’t require that your visitor have a mouse – otherwise you just prevented all those iPhone users from buying your products or reading your about page! And no mouseovers!


Font is another element that many site owners never even consider but it makes a huge impact when it comes to the way your visitors feel on your site. Have you ever visited a website and seen that it’s just a wall of text in a small, old-fashioned font? Chances are you clicked ‘back’ as fast as you could! Conversely, when a site uses a nice, big and modern font, this can make reading all the more enjoyable and it makes the whole site feel a lot more polished and well-designed. This is once again particularly important on a mobile website. If you want your visitors to stay on your page, then you need to minimize eyestrain. That much should be obvious!


Having a search box on your website can make a big difference to its user-friendliness. Again, offering a good experience for your visitors is the key to ensuring that they will want to stick around and more importantly: come back again! Search lets your visitors find specific information or pages that they’re interested in, which prevents them from becoming frustrated and leaving, or from missing out on things that you had to offer.


For your content marketing to work, you need to ensure that you consistently offer great experiences on your site and that your visitors come to associate those great experiences with your brand. That means you need a strong logo in a prominent position. This logo should also be something that you can use around the web, that looks professional and that instantly communicates what your business is all about. It also needs to be sharp and crisp and should exist in a vector file format so that you can change the size and design as needed over time.

About Us, Copyright

Even that copyright notice down the bottom and the about us page serve important functions beyond just being the ‘done thing’. Every element of good web design serves a purpose! Here, the objective is to introduce yourself to the visitors, thereby inspiring confidence and trust. This is essential if you hope they’re going to buy from you. And that’s why it’s so important that you update that copyright notice. If it still says 2014, then you’re not exactly communicating that you’re a business that’s up-together! As you can see then, every aspect of a web design serves some kind of important function when it comes to your brand reputation, your conversions and your subscribers. Don’t think that you can install a default WordPress theme and be done with it. Web design is one of the most important investments your business can make, with a ROI that is through the roof. Take pride in your online presence and you will transform the way that others see your business.

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